Asian stocks were set to begin the last seven day stretch of the quarter on the slide on Monday, while the dollar stood ascendant

S&P 500 futures were level after an underlying wobble lower. Prospects highlighted falls in Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

The dollar made new highs on real, the euro, and the Aussie in dainty morning exchange. Last week, stocks and bonds crumbled

Last week, stocks and securities disintegrated after the US and about six different nations raised rates and extended torment ahead.

Japan intervened in currency trade to support the yen. Investors lost confidence in Britain's economic management.

The Nasdaq lost more than 5% for the second week running. The S&P 500 fell 4.8%. Sterling is down 11% this quarter.

Gilts experienced their heaviest selling in thirty years on Friday and on Monday the pound made a 37-year low at $1.0765

Five-year gilt yields rose 94 basis points last week, by far the biggest weekly jump recorded to the mid-1980s

The euro wobbled to a two-decade low at $0.9660 as dangers ascent of war heightening in Ukraine, prior to steadying at $0.9696.

The Aussie touched $0.6510, its lowest since mid-2020. The yen hovered at 143.47 with worries over possible further intervention keeping it from losses