Electric vehicle creators Tesla just posted second from last quarter vehicle creation and conveyance numbers for 2022.

Total deliveries Q3 2022: 343,000 Total production Q3 2022: 365,000

Tesla likewise said in its report the organization delivered 19,935 of its more costly Model S and X vehicles,

According to Tesla, its total production increased from the prior quarter of 2022 by making 2,58,580 vehicles.

During the year-ago quarter, Tesla reported deliveries of 254,695 vehicles, and that it had produced 237,823 car

Just 8,941 Model S and X vehicles, which are the company's more expensive sedan and SUV with falcon-wing doors, respectively.

In the second from last quarter of 2022, Tesla confronted taking off ware costs, leader turnover, and developing torments at its new plants in Germany and Texas.

In July this year, Tesla needed to suspend the majority of its Shanghai production line creation briefly to make moves up to the plant.

In the U.S., toward the finish of the subsequent quarter, Tesla laid off a whole simulated intelligence office and made other headcount cuts.