London Police Arrest Alleged Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker. This leak is one of the biggest leaks in Grand Theft Auto’s history.

Police have captured a 17-year-old on doubt of hacking and some have guessed that it has something to do with Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks.

Around 90 recordings of this next passage showed up on different sites and immediately spread across the web.

These clasps affirmed different reports, like a female fundamental person, as well as the game being set in Bad habit City.

Perhaps the greatest hole in present-day gaming history occurred - with a film of an early form of  Grand Theft Auto 6 surfacing on the web.

The leaker in question claimed to have been responsible for a hack on both Rockstar Games and Uber. 

Not long after this, Uber detailed that it was working with the FBI and US Branch of Equity to track down the hacker

In spite of the fact that there's been reports and extraordinary hypotheses preceding the capture that the hacker was a youngster working out of the UK

The UK's National Cyber Crime Unit has "declined to comment" on the matter and the City of London police did not elaborate on the arrest.

Doesn't expect any long-term disruption to the development of the next Grand Theft Auto, so fans don't have to worry about the game being internally delayed by years.