‘Overwatch 2’ Devs Explain Why Players Need To Link Phone Numbers To Accounts during the game and have revealed a ton more details.

It Will Take New Players About 100 Matches To Unlock All Original Heroes in Overwatch 2.

In it, Snowstorm says a predictable piece of criticism it has gotten is that new players feel overpowered by Overwatch's legend pool and different modes.

In stage one, players should open the game's modes and visit capabilities - this occurs "quickly,"

Then, in stage two, players will open the first Overwatch legends by playing "around 100 matches,"  .

It's essential to take note of this is only for the first game's legends - new legends will be opened through Overwatch 2's fight pass framework.

Serious play can be opened by winning 50 Fast Play matches. Be that as it may, Snowstorm says, "most FTUE limitations are lifted while in a gathering,

however, so new players can collaborate with their companions whenever to play practically any game mode." Serious is the special case,

"While this process helps players join the fun, it's also an effective way to discourage disruptive behavior and cheating,"

FTUE is a speculation to finish since it requires investment to open game elements - Cutthroat, explicitly.