The Try Guy was started by former BuzzFeed employees Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger 

and Zach Kornfeld  during their time at the company. They made their first video trying Ladies' underwear for the first  time in 2014

Their videos amassed about 100 million views on the BuzzFeed Youtube Channel

The quartet left the outlet in 2018 to start their own production company and channel.

Their independent channel has almost 2.2 billion views and 7.8 million subscribers.

Ariel Fulmer appeared alongside her husband in several videos doing DIYs, and as a part of the group's "Try Wives" series

Buzzfeed was kind of leading the way on different formats of what become popluar and 

and a lot of it was done through experimentation," she said. "And The Try Guys..... was really on the cutting edge of a lot of that.

Ariel Fulmer, in her proclamation, expressed gratitude toward adherents for their help and requested security for several’s two children.