In a 72-page report delivered Tuesday, a significant web-based chess stage tracked down that Hans Niemann "reasonable cheated" on its webpage  

A 19-year-old American grandmaster, Niemann has been at the focal point of a tempest in the chess world since early September, 

when a steamed triumph over world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen was trailed by the last option implying that something detestable had happened. 

Niemann in this way said he had cheated in matches on when he was 12 and 16 years of age  

however demanded he had not from that point forward rehashed what he portrayed as "a crazy slip-up." Niemann added that he had never cheated "in a competition with prize cash." 

Carlsen, a Norwegian grandmaster, then organized a dissent of Niemann by pulling out from a rematch in the wake of playing only one maneuver.  

Before the end of last month, Carlsen gave voice to his activities and blamed Niemann for having "conned more — and more as of late — than he has freely conceded. 

Highlighting its "top tier" cheating-identification framework, the site asserted Niemann "possible cheated" in excess of 100 web based games, 

Simultaneously, said its examination neglected to turn up a wealth of "concrete factual proof" that Niemann cheated in his over-the-board 

Niemann has not openly remarked on the discoveries, which were first announced by the Money Road Diary on Tuesday.