The challenge to choose the boss of chonk is in progress, as the section for 2022 Fat Bear Week has been revealed.

The Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska declared the 12 bears contending in the current year's occasion

exhibiting a blend of past victors and fan top , cpickslose by a few new faces to spruce up the activity.

It's actually a difficult task to decide which bears will be selected for the competition, said Lian Law, visual information specialist at the park 

The process begins in the summer because that’s when the bears are still somewhat skinny. 

Contest officials review them again in late summer after they pack on weight from eating salmon. 

They are additionally wild creatures, so it's trying to find them and take pictures that hotshot their massive structure.

"It is undeniably challenging to "Get those photos. A portion of the bears, during this season, they're not in any event, escaping the water,

Fortunately, the absolute most bodacious bears to make the opposition are back once more.

And even with other favorites like 435 Holly and 747 returning, don’t rule out any newcomers making a run at the title.