Dua Lipa isn't a stage name. Dua Lipa is the name she was brought into the world with (it's articulated 'Doer Leaper').

Her most memorable name signifies 'love' in Albanian. Dua was brought into the world by Albanian guardians from Kosovo and returned to live there in 2008.

Dua's dad, Dukagjin Lipa, also runs the music business as a performer and pioneer behind a celebration called Bright Slope Celebration in Kosovo.

At the point when Dua was 11, her ensemble instructor told her she was unable to sing as her voice was shallow. If by some stroke of good luck they could see her now!

Needing to make a profession out of music, Dua moved back from Kosovo to London and imparted a level to certain companions.

She worked the entryway at a club and frequently needed to deny her own companion entrance for wearing tennis shoes.

Dua was endorsed by Warner Brothers only three years after she moved back to London to seek after music full-time at the age of 18

Dua's famous break-up anthem New Rules has racked up 1.9 billion YouTube views since the video's release in July 2017.

At one point, she was the top most streamed female until  Camila Cabello took the crown recently. She has 37 million monthly listeners!

In 2018, Dua was nominated for British Female Solo Artist, British Breakthrough Act, and MasterCard British Album Of The Year.