Star Stable -A horse game full of adventures!

Star Stable is an adventure game developed by Star Stable Entertainment AB in Sweden. In Star Stable, the player can not only participate in various adventures and events on the island of Jorvik, but also care for their horses and chat with other players online.

Star Stable
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Star Stable is based on the offline game Starshine Legacy, which was released in the early 2000s. The Game had between 400,000 and 500,000 monthly players in 2017, with over 12 million registered accounts.

The first five levels are free to play, but for higher levels, a paid version, “Star Rider,” is required.

Many NPCs in the game can give out missions, as well as simpler daily missions that give the game character a better reputation, which unlocks more missions and possibly clothes/equipment.

What age is Star Stable appropriate for?

Above 9+ years of children can easily play this game

Is Star Stable for free?

The first five levels are free to play, but for higher levels, a paid version, “Star Rider,” is required.

What is the price of Star Stable?

The first five levels are free to play, but for higher levels, a paid version, “Star Rider,” is required.

Star Rider offers a Membership for players  in 1 month, 3 month and Pay once .

1 Month Pay Once 3 Months
100 Star Coins are included.1200 Star Coins are included.300 Star Coins are included.
Plus 100 star coins per weekPlus 100 star coins per weekPlus 100 star coins per week
 Renews Automatically Every Month Pay Once & Never Again Renew Every Third Month
 Recurring Payment  Recurring Payment
 $8.49 USD per month $79.99 USD per month $20.99 USD per quarter
Star Rider Membership Plans

Benefits of Star Rider

 The game is about bonding with horses, but it’s also about YOU being the hero of a magical story! Learn to ride a horse, compete in fast races, and explore a fantastic open world from the saddle. When you become a Star Rider, you open the door to thousands of quests and the real adventure that awaits beyond level five.

  • Choose your soul horse from over 300 different horses.
  • Discover Jorvik Island’s magical stories and mysteries.
  • Explore thousands of exciting quests.
  • Collect exclusive Star Rider clothing and horse equipment.
  • Chat with thousands of other horse enthusiasts from all over the world.
  • Get new Star Coins every week and earn free items in the Bonus Shop.
  • Events packed with exciting activities, quests, and Star Rider Exclusive benefits
  • Events packed with exciting activities, quests, and Star Rider Exclusive benefits

Is Star Stable on PC?

Star Stable Online is now available on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad! Download apps to have more fun on your phone.

Can you play the role of a boy in Star Stable Online?

Boys and non-binary people, on the other hand, are always welcome to play Star Stable Online. We make sure to have a wide range of clothing, decorations, and hairstyles to allow players to customise their character to look more like themselves or the person they want to be.

What happened to Josh from Star Stable?

Josh is a race official who lives at Starshine Ranch. Outside the main arena, you can find him seated on his horse Pearl Hart, one of the Generation 3 American Quarter Horses. Ranch Josh could be found at Moorland Stables outside a pole-bending race prior to the introduction of Starshine.

What are the options for non-star riders?

You can only access Moorland and Fort Pinta as a Non-Star Rider. Quests cannot be continued or completed outside of the free zone. As a new player, you can play the game for free up to level 5. After that, only Star Riders can embark on new adventures in Jorvik.

Are the horses at Star Stable free?

Star Stable Horses is free to download and available in the AppStore and Google Play. In Star Stable Horses, you can raise multiple foals at once, so look around for your favorite among the 29 available horse breeds!

Is there a boy at Star Stable?

While boys are welcome to play the game, and many do, the main storyline is about a girl, so the characters are all female. There are so many cool games out there with awesome male protagonists that we’re pretty proud to have one with awesome female protagonists!

In Game, what is the highest level?

The highest level achieved by any player through gameplay is 23, (30 with the use of mods), but achieving this level takes years of completing limited-time quests. The horses gain XP by completing quests, participating in daily races, and Soul Riding. The horse’s level is restricted to 15.

Is it possible to trade horses at Star Stable?

You can only transfer your horse once it reaches level 10, and it will retain that level in Star Stable Online after the transfer. Despite this, it will cost the same as a level one horse in Star Stable Online!

How does one obtain a lifetime Star Rider?

After logging into a game account and selecting Star Rider on the Star Stable Online website, purchase plans are available in one-month, three-month, and lifetime (also known as Pay Once) subscription options.

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