Mason Greenwood Charged with Attempted Rape

Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United participant, has been charged with tried rape, the larger Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed Saturday.

mason greenwood
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“Greater Manchester Police has charged and remanded a 21-year-old man on charges of dominant and powerful behaviour, tried rape, and Section forty seven assault on a girl,” GMP aforementioned in an exceedingly statement to CNN.

Mason Greenwood was inactive earlier on Saturday, consistent with GMP.

Janet Potter, Deputy Chief Crown public prosecutor for the country’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), antecedently declared that the cycles/second had authorised GMP to charge the striker, adding that each one 3 counts associated with an equivalent litigator.

“After reviewing a file of proof received from larger Manchester Police, specialist rape prosecutors from cycles/second North West’s complicated welfare work unit authorised the fees,” Potter superimposed.
Greenwood can seem in court for the primary time on October seventeen at larger Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

Mason Greenwood was suspended earlier this year unfinished the result of associate degree investigation, and therefore the club confirmed on Saturday that he’s still suspended.

“Manchester United notes that the Crown Prosecution Service has brought criminal charges against Mason woodland,” the club aforementioned in an exceedingly statement on Saturday.

“He continues to be suspended by the club unfinished the result of the legal proceedings.”

Greenwood has not contend for the English Premier League club since being suspended in January following allegations of force against the 21-year-old England international.

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