Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26

Kevin Nash, a WWE Hall of Famer, is mourning the death of his son, Tristen Nash.

Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26
pic: Google / Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26

Tristen died at the age of twenty-six on a weekday, wrestling newsman Sean Ross Sapp proclaimed on Twitter.

“On behalf of Kevin and Tamara writer, I regret to tell you that their son Tristen writer died tragically at the age of twenty-six,” the statement began.

It continues, “Tristen recently began engaged on Kevin’s new podcast, and therefore the 2 had an honest time along. Please respect the writer’s family’s privacy throughout this tough time.”

His explanation for death has not been disclosed.

Kevin had not spoken publicly regarding the loss as of the weekday afternoon.

Kliq’s Kliq Sean Joseph Oliver, a podcast co-host, saw the news on Twitter.

“This year, I met a beautiful young man named Tristen. He collaborated with Pine Tree State and his father on a podcast and evidenced to be sensible, sweet, savvy, witty, and mature for his age. huge things were on their approach for him, however, it had been to not be “Oliver wrote

He went on, “The unfairness of our transient existence on Earth rears its ugly head yet again, rendering the USA unarticulated. Taking a pure, potential-filled heart is cruel on the far side of comprehension. I will not even attempt. I still have his last text message to me: “Love you man.” I browse it fifty times in 2 days, and I am planning to browse it a great deal additional, T.”

The initial Kliq of Kevin and Joseph Oliver This episode was first ventilated in July.

Tristen shared a photograph of his father showing a record Associate in Nursing episode, sitting at a table with headphones in before of a pc, simply days before his death.

Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26
pic: Google / Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26

“That’s what I am doing. #kliqthis #podcast #nashville “He captioned the image.

When one fan asked, “Who’re legs are those?” he alluded to having a detailed bond with his father within the comments section.

“Just an enormous sturdy guy that I have tattooed on my leg,” Tristen replied.

When another commenter mentioned Tristen’s role because the podcast’s government producer, he responded, “I’m only 1 of the staff. On the writer finish, I create it work.”

Kevin denote Associate in Nursing Instagram pic of Tristen in April, occupation him as “my reason for living.”

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