Abortion Accuser Herschel Walker Drops Another Bombshell

According to The Daily Beast, the woman who claimed she had an abortion paid for by Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker in 2009 is also the mother of one of his known children.

The anonymous woman claimed in an explosive report published earlier this week by The Daily Beast that Walker, now an anti-abortion candidate in Georgia, urged her to have an abortion and then reimbursed her. She provided documentation, including an image of a personal check she claimed he sent her to reimburse her for the abortion.

Walker, a former college and NFL standout, called the accusation a “flat-out lie” when asked on Fox News on Wednesday morning if he knew who the woman could be. “Not at all,” he responded. “And I hope everyone can see that.” It’s as if everyone is anonymous or leaking, and they want you to confess to something you have no idea about. But it just goes to show how desperate the Democrats are right now.”

It’s surprising Herschel Walker couldn’t figure out who she was. She appears to be the mother of one of his publicly acknowledged children.

Herschel Walker
Pic credit : NBC News / Herschel Walker

According to the Daily Beast, the woman has proven she is the mother of one of his children.

She told the news outlet that his defense had “stunned” her.

“But it also doesn’t surprise me that there are so many of us that he truly doesn’t remember,” she added. “But, on the other hand, if he truly forgot about it, that says something as well.”

Republican Herschel Walker has campaigned in Georgia as a staunch “pro-life” supporter who opposes abortion under any circumstances.

Walker had not publicly disclosed that he had more than one child, his 23-year-old son Christian Walker, whom he co-parented with his ex-wife when he launched his campaign.

However, it was revealed in June that he had another son, age 10, with another woman. Days later, another report surfaced, prompting him to confirm that he also had a 13-year-old son and a daughter from a previous relationship.

Walker has been a vocal opponent of absentee fathers. He’s also claimed to be vehemently opposed to abortion rights, saying in May that he’d support a complete ban on the procedure.

The woman who spoke to The Daily Beast said she decided to come forward because “I just can’t stand the hypocrisy any longer.”

“He didn’t accept responsibility for the child we did have together, and now he’s refusing to accept responsibility for the one we didn’t have,” she revealed on Wednesday. “That says a lot about how he views women’s roles in childbirth versus his own. And now he wants to take that option away entirely from other women and couples.”

Herschel Walker Son’s Reaction

Christian Walker reacted in a series of tweets after the first story broke earlier this week.

“I know my mother and I would appreciate it if my father Herschel Walker stopped lying and making fun of us,” Christian Walker, a conservative social media influencer, tweeted. “You’re not a ‘family man’ when you abandon us to bang a bunch of women, threaten to kill us, and force us to relocate 6 times in 6 months to escape your violence.”

Herschel Walker has also been accused of domestic abuse and violence by several women, including Christian Walker’s mother, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, to whom he was married from 1983 to 2002.

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