Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Arrest By London Police

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Arrest By London Police on September 22, 2022.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker
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London police have captured a 17-year-old on doubt of hacking and some have hypothesized that it has something to do with the Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker. Last weekend, 90+ recordings of GTA 6 film were posted on the GTA Forums before it spread across the remainder of the web by Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker.

Albeit some were dubious it was given Rockstar Games’ monstrous mystery, it became obvious decently fast that the recording was genuine and this was the primary glance at the exceptionally expected game.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker being referred to professed to have been liable for a hack on both Rockstar Games and Uber. Rockstar Games gave an assertion on Monday early daytime affirming that it had a security break and that the spilled film was for sure genuine.

Not long after this, Uber revealed that it was working with the FBI and the US Branch of Equity to track down the hacker.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Arrest By London Police
Pic credit: Google /Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker Arrest By London Police

Grand Theft Auto 6 Hacker a 17 Year Old

London City Police declared on Twitter on September 23rd that it had captured a 17-year-old on doubt of hacking as a component of an examination directed by the Public Wrongdoing Organization’s Digital Wrongdoing Unit.

The adolescent is at present in authority, however no particulars have been given. In spite of the fact that there have been reports and extraordinary hypothesis before the capture that the programmer was a high schooler working out of the UK, London police have not affirmed any connection between the two cases.

Comic Book contacted London police for additional data and got this concise assertion: “We have no additional data to share at this stage. Any updates will be shared on our Twitter.” We likewise connected with Rockstar Games however didn’t get a reaction in time supposed to be available for the public.

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As of the present moment, it is not yet clear what will happen to this. Rockstar Games has proactively affirmed that it anticipates that no drawn out interruption should the advancement of the following Grand Theft Auto 6, so fans don’t need to stress over the game being inside postponed by years.

We actually have no clue about when the game will deliver, yet some expectation that the game could have a legitimate uncovering in the not so distant future.

The UK’s Public Digital Wrongdoing Unit has “declined to remark” regarding this situation and the City of London police didn’t expound on the capture past the above web-based entertainment post.

Xbox’s Sarah Bond last week imparted a message to Rockstar because of the holes – expressing how her considerations were with the group, and referencing how she was unable to hang tight for the authority uncover.

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