Adam Love Triangle

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Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has wound up at the center of attention for some unacceptable reasons as a whole.

On Sunday, September 19, 23-year-old Sumner Stroh opened up to the world on TikTok about charges she had been having an illicit relationship with 43-year-old Levine in the previous year.

Levine has been hitched to Victoria’s Mystery model Behati Prinsloo, 34 beginning around 2014, and together they share two youngsters.

Prinsloo is likewise at present anticipating the couple’s third youngster. She reported the fresh insight about her pregnancy only four days before Stroh’s viral video.

Directly following Stroh’s sensation allegations, everyone is interested to know what her identity is. Story n Story has all that you want to be aware.

Who is Sumner Stroh?

Sumner Stroh is a 23-year-old model, and YouTuber.

As per posts on her Instagram page, she went to the College of Texas and graduated in 2021 with a degree in showcasing and notice.

Stroh likewise works close with her sister Baylen Stroh and Baylen’s gems organization, Hung by Stroh.

Sumner Stroh
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In the confession booth video Stroh transferred to her TikTok on Sunday, September 19, she claimed she and Levine had participated in a drawn-out undertaking and expressed Levine needed to name his next child after her.

In the two-minute video, Stroh states she feels “took advantage of” and said she was”easily controlled” at the hour of the supposed issue.

She started the video by saying: “Basically, I was engaging in extramarital relations with a man who’s hitched to Victoria’s Mystery model.

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At the time I was youthful, I was credulous. At the end of the day, in all honesty, I feel taken advantage of. That is to say, I wasn’t in the scene like I am currently, so I was most certainly handily controlled.”

She likewise shared screen captures of messages she guarantees she got from Levine.

“Maroon 5 is for all intents and purposes ambient music right now, so I’m certain you know who Adam Levine is. However, Adam and I were seeing each other for about a year.

After I quit conversing with him over a time of months, this is the means by which he returned into my life”, Stroh said prior to showing the instant messages.

The messages, purportedly sent from Levine in June 2022 read: “it is really stunning how f* hot you are, similar to it knocks my socks off”, “Alright serious inquiry. I’m having another child and in the event that it’s a kid I truly want to name it Sumner. You OK with that?

Absolutely serious” and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

“My ethics were unwittingly compromised”, she, added: “I was totally controlled.

Stroh then made sense of she opened up to the world about her story after somebody she knew endeavored to sell the screen captures of Levine’s messages.

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