2022 Fat Bear Week Contest

The challenge to conclude the boss of the lump is in progress, as the section for 2022 Fat Bear Week Contest has been revealed.

The Katmai National Park and Safeguard in southwest Alaska reported the 12 bears contending in the current 2022 Fat Bear Week Contest year’s occasion, exhibiting a blend of past victors and fan top choices, close by a few new faces to spruce up the activity.

It’s a troublesome errand to conclude which bears will be chosen for the opposition, said Lian Regulation, a visual data expert at the recreation area and lead for Fat Bear Week.

2022 Fat Bear Week Contest
Bear 164 hunts for fish in katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Lian Law/ Katmai National Park & Preserve Alaska

The cycle starts in the mid-year since that is the point at which the bears are still to some degree thin. Challenge authorities audit them again in pre-fall after they pack on weight from eating salmon. They are additionally wild creatures, so it’s trying to find them and take pictures that hotshot their massive structure.

“It is undeniably challenging to “Get those photos. A portion of the bears, during this season, they’re not in any event, escaping the water, scarcely ever to leave their fishing spots,” Regulation said. “They don’t simply appear on time.”

Fortunately, the absolute most bodacious bears to make the opposition are back once more. Of the eight bears to at any point be named champion, six past victors are in the 2022 section, including four-time champion and victor of the 2021 Fat Bear Week, 480 Otis.

What’s more, even with different top picks like 435 Holly and 747 returning, preclude no rookies from making a run at the title.

“Bears are people and they have various characters and biographies,” Regulation said. “It’s continuously intriguing to see the rookies and what they are bringing.”

Casting a ballot starts on Oct. 5 and goes through Oct. 11. You can make your choice here.

Here are the 12 bears competing for the crown this year, alongside some private data about everyone.

2021 boss of chonk: 480 Otis, your 2021 Fat Bear Week Champion, and four-time victor

2022 Fat Bear Week Contest List

480 Otis

480 Otis
pic:google/ 480 Otis 2022 Fat Bear Week Contest Contender
  • 480 Otis, in his mid to late 20s, is one of the more seasoned male bears.
  • He is missing two canine teeth and the others are worn out.
  • 2021 Fat Bear Week Champion.

435 Holly

435 Holly
pic: google
  • 435 Holly was the 2019 Fat Bear Week champion.
  • One of the more established bears that utilize Streams Waterway.
  • Guarded of fishing spots and her fledglings.

32 Chunk

32 Chunk
pic : google/ 32 Chunk
  • One of the biggest and most predominant bears.
  • The particular scar across his gag.
  • Sits tight for scraps and extras from different bears.

128 Grazer

128 Grazer
pic: google / 128 grazer
  • She is around 17-19 years of age.
  • Her jacket is hazier in the fall.
  • A resolute protector of prime fishing areas


  • 335 was important for 435 Holly’s latest litter of fledglings.
  • She’s considered a subadult, the youngster of the bear world, and is figuring out how to explore the world without her mom.
  • Frequently seen playing with other adolescent bears.


  • He is around six years of age.
  • Talented at finding one-of-a-kind fishing spots and staying away from different bears.
  • Imaginative mastermind.


  • 747 is the biggest bear known to utilize Streams Waterway, delegated the Fat Bear Champion in 2020.
  • He is intensely scarred, even though his size alone threatens most bears to surrender valuable fishing areas without a tussle.
  • At the highest point of the bear progressive system at Streams Falls.


  • 856 is a huge male, roughly 20 years of age, and is exceptionally positioned inside the bear pecking order.
  • His main genuine rivalry at the falls is 747.
  • Have somewhat a couple of scars contrasted with different bears?

854 Divot

  • 854 Divot is around 20 years of age.
  • Got found in an unlawful wire catch that left a scar and must be taken out from her neck in 2014.
  • A strong sovereign.

151 Walker

  • He is one of the biggest bears to utilize the stream.
  • Has a decisive demeanor.
  • A talented fisherman at fishing.


  • 901 is a youthful bear, first distinguished as a more than two-year-old in 2018.
  • Could do without “play battle” like the other youthful bears.
  • Autonomous, emphatic, and infrequently devilish.

909’s Yearling

  • 909’s Yearling Whelp was first seen at the waterway in 2021.
  • She is social and has in no time gotten fishing procedures from her mom.
  • She’s as of now getting fish all alone, an immense achievement and positive sign for a bear her age.

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