Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26

Kevin Nash Son Dead at 26

Kevin Nash, a WWE Hall of Famer, is mourning the death of his son, Tristen Nash. Tristen died at the age of twenty-six on a weekday, wrestling newsman Sean Ross Sapp proclaimed on Twitter. “On behalf of Kevin and Tamara writer, I regret to tell you that their son Tristen writer died tragically at the … Read more

TikTok star Emmanuel, the emu, is sick with Avian Influenza, according to his caretaker.


Taylor Blake, the caretaker of TikTok star Emmanuel the emu, tweeted Saturday that he is battling Avian Influenza. Emmanuel contracted the virus after a flock of wild Egyptian geese visited Knuckle Bump Farms, the South Florida farm where he lives. Blake would assist in chasing these wild birds away because they pose a real threat … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion’s speaks out on Home Burglary

megan thee stallion

Megan Thee Stallion spoke out about a burglary at her Los Angeles home on Friday, just days before hosting Saturday Night Live. The burglary occurred Thursday night when two men broke a glass door in the back of the 27-year-old rapper’s L.A. home and went into her primary bedroom, stealing approximately cash, jewellery, and electronics. … Read more

Mason Greenwood Charged with Attempted Rape

mason greenwood

Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United participant, has been charged with tried rape, the larger Manchester Police (GMP) confirmed Saturday. “Greater Manchester Police has charged and remanded a 21-year-old man on charges of dominant and powerful behaviour, tried rape, and Section forty seven assault on a girl,” GMP aforementioned in an exceedingly statement to CNN. Mason … Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness Application | Important Dates & Details

student loan forgiveness application

Millions of people should soon be able to cancel up to $20,000 in debt. Millions of Americans are expected to be able to take the first steps toward cancelling up to $20,000 in debt under President Joe Biden’s federal student loan forgiveness application programme, a multibillion-dollar initiative lauded by supporters but already facing legal challenges. … Read more

The Education Department has released a beta version of its Student Loan Forgiveness Application.

student loan forgiveness application

On Friday evening, a “beta test” of the application for student loan forgiveness application went live, kicking off the Biden administration’s massive program to cancel student debt for tens of millions of Americans. The test application from the Department of Education is a long-awaited first step in the policy announced in late August, allowing people … Read more

8 Interesting Facts About Robbie Coltrane

robbie coltrane

We discovered some fascinating facts about the man best known for his portrayal of the shaggy-haired giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter films Robbie Coltrane. His given name is not Robbie Coltrane. He was born Anthony Robert McMillan but changed his name to become an actor. He chose the stage name Coltrane as a tribute … Read more

Geena Davis Bad Audition With Bill Murray

geena davis

In her new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” Geena Davis writes a few “bad” expertise she had with Bill Murray whereas the 2 were functioning on their 1990 crime comedy “Quick amendment,” that Murray co-directed with Howard Franklin. Davis describes an ungainly 1st meeting with Murray during a building suite, followed by a scene on set … Read more

Rex Orange County Arrest for Sex Assault

Rex Orange County

According to The Sun, English pop singer Rex Orange County, real name Alexander author, has been charged with sexually assaulting a lady on six separate occasions in London. On Monday, the 24-year-old creative person appeared in Southwark Crown Court in London to deny the allegations. author was discharged on unconditional bail once pleading acquitted to … Read more